Roundup: Media World Oogles Over The iPad

ipad crowd joyThey love it!

The media business has been salivating over Apple’s iPad release for years.Now, the time has come.

Early iPad reviews are out, packages are en route to doorsteps, and some of us are very excited, in spite of ourselves.

Here’s a roundup of recent stories media folks should read about the iPad:

  • We tell you why the iPad won’t save the magazine business.
  • The Atlantic also looks at the iPad’s limitations as a “Jesus tablet” for the media business.
  • Although Ken Doctor thinks their pricing plan for apps is fair.
  • The New York Times is releasing a free iPad app.
  • So is Bloomberg.
  • Hulu jumps on the app bandwagon.
  • But forget about Hulu, Netflix is on there too!
  • YouTube is already formatted for the iPad.
  • Disney makes a bunch of iPad apps. Did you know Steve Jobs is their biggest shareholder?
  • More sneak peaks of the Wall Street Journal, NPR, AP and USA Today apps at Nieman Journalism Labs.
  • Mathew Ingram is underwhelmed by most media apps so far.
  • But he hasn’t been able to try them on the iPad yet. Apple screwed tech blogs on early review units.
  • But the New York Times’ David Carr and Brian Stelter get their hands on one and get all fanboy about it.
  • Speaking of a fanboy, Carr really loves the iPad. He writes up a bunch of reasons why we should buy one.
  • Time Warner gets the iPad seal of approval.
  • Apple has a tally of iPad-ready sites including NYTimes, CNN, Sports Illustrated, Reuters, Vimeo, and more.
  • The iPad gets a nice cameo at ABC’s Modern Family.
  • Speaking of ABC, CBS is streaming free shows on the iPad.
  • Analyst Ken Doctor does more maths on news apps.
  • Amazon freaks about the iPad frenzy and tries to strike deals for e-book pricing.
  • Self-published authors also get a shot in the iPad store.

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