Media: What To Do After The Hits "Hit"

It has been said, “Articles are often more valuable after they are published than when they were first published.” Many people secure great media stories, and there remains immense value in showcasing media placements long after the initial “hit.” Since I am often asked by clients of our PR Agency how to do this effectively, wanted to provide a few ways to increase the value of articles:

1. Create a publicity book with articles that can be shown to editors, clients, investors or at trade shows

2. Publish articles on your website, and utilise them in a productive manner for your SEO. utilise them in all aspects of social media.

3. Frame feature articles and display them prominently in your reception area of your office/personal office

4. E-mail and mail copies of the placements to past and present customers, vendors, bankers, public officials, employees, opinion leaders, etc.

5. Include articles in your sales presentation book, and as part of direct mail/e-mail campaigns

6. Take excerpts and highlights of the stories and include them in marketing & advertising campaigns

7. Send articles to other journalists highlighting your expertise, analysts, etc.

8. Use your articles to stimulate buzz around your business

One of the most important things media placements provide is 3rd party credibility – don’t let it end when the story appears.

Ronn Torossian



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