Media Watch Out – Your Biggest Customer Could Soon Be Your Competitor

On this Friday spring afternoon, the media industry can sit shaking its head wondering if their biggest customer can soon become their biggest competitor. (Will advertisers increasingly challenge traditional media ?)


Consumer brands are increasingly creating their own content to attain greater brand satisfaction and get the public to consume their product. Red Bull recently announced its new glossy magazine, The Red Bulletin. Raymond Roker, associate publisher of The Red Bulletin said in an interview “For most other brands, the commitment is just to the product – Ours is to have a rich conversation with our audience.”


Red Bull clearly can lose millions upon millions on this idea of marketing directly to their demographic (males 18-34). Maxim on the other hand, directly competes with this demographic but can’t waste precious dollars on big initiatives like this- especially during this time of diminishing print media.  It allows brands to market to (and brainwash) their audience.  It allows Red Bull to have a continued commitment to the product – but in a much more organic manner. 


Self content creations from brands are a big problem for media, whether it being TV (The Hallmark Channel), Magazines (Red Bulletin), or digital (every branded webpage on the planet). Brands more and more are turning to “identity” rather than desire to sell products- which directly correlates with media. Brands want to get into that “identity” business and are clamoring for ways to do that. Because of this now it seems that traditional media has another competitor, the advertiser.


Ronn Torossian is the CEO of 5W Public Relations, 1 of the 25 largest PR firms in the US.