Media Matters Has A FOX News 'War Room' That Operates 20 Hours A Day

Glenn Beck

Any remaining doubt that Media Matters reason-for-being is to take down FOX News?  Check this out.

Turns out the progressive, non-profit watch dog website has a FOX News “war room” that operates in four separate shifts from the hours of 5am to 1am. 

According to FishbowlDC, they employ specific teams that focus on Glenn Beck‘s radio and television show.

Considering those folks will be out of a job come the end of the week — Beck’s last show is Friday — and Media Matters will be left without its favourite villain, it’s perhaps surprising to hear Media Matters threw a big bash in Washington last night celebrating Beck’s departure from FOX.

Kidding, it’s not surprising. 

Especially since Media Matters is apparently taking credit for the fact Beck is leaving the network (despite evidence to the contrary) .  From FBDC’s party report:

“This is probably the largest crowd we’ve ever had at Media Matters,” said [Media Matters founder, David] Brock, scanning the room of mostly twentysomethings with beer. Of his employees who helped topple Beck, he told the crowd, “They are tireless, tenacious and so so so so so smart. … Because of it, Glenn Beck is going to have a little more free time next week. The absence of Beck is not only a victory for us here, but a victory for civil discourse in our country.”

I’m not sure Media Matters can claim to have upped the level of civil discourse, exactly, but they’ve certainly upped their profile with FOX viewers. 

Last week Bill O’Reilly encouraged viewers to challenge the site’s tax-exempt status and subsequently the Fox Nation website is running a post entitled: ‘Want to File an IRS Complaint Against Media Matters? Click Here…’


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