How The Media Hyped Up A Boring Election Night

Photo: CNN/Screenshot

Election Day came and went, and it was a snoozer by far.While Mitt Romney pulled ahead in the electoral vote early on, Obama caught up soon after and took a commanding lead when California polls closed.

There were gimmicks and buzz words aplenty during tonight’s election coverage as the media had to find creative ways to keep the American people entertained.

CNN's John King mesmerized the audience with his mastery of the touchscreen.

CNN also made this reporter roam around a virtual set for some reason.

The media just couldn't talk enough about Florida.

Karl Rove had a melt down and made Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly leave the newsroom to interview the Fox Decision Desk.

Sarah Palin went on Fox News at 10 pm (well before the election was decided) and basically declared that she's given up on Romney.

Wolf Blitzer could NOT get enough of electoral votes.

What Tim Tebow is to ESPN, is what Ohio was to the media on Election Night.

Brian Williams reluctantly read Donald Trump's tweets live on air.

Perhaps the biggest gimmick this Election Night, though, was the Empire State Building reflecting CNN's electoral count.

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