MEDIA DAY: Take A Look Inside Tom Brady's Nostrils At The Most Absurd Day Of The NFL Season

Tom Brady

Photo: NFL Network

For good or for bad, the second biggest day of Super Bowl week is always Media Day. It is also a day that brings out the crazy in both the players and the media.Yesterday, we took a look at some of the highlights and more entertaining quotes from the New England Patriots turn with the media, as well as the New York Giants’ media day shenanigans.

But there is also the circus that goes on away from the players’ podiums. On the next few pages, we collected some of the sights from the NFL Network’s coverage of this year’s Media Day.

This was the calm before the storm

The players looked a little overwhelmed when they first walked out

And they made sure to take pictures of those taking pictures of them

Even Tom Brady was taking pictures of the chaos

Nowadays, the biggest stars get their own podium

Things have come a long ways since players all sat in the stands

Things started to pick up once the players were on the field

And for the first time, fans were allowed into media day

The NFL Network would have interviewed Rob Gronkowski's ankle if they could have

Is that a smile? A smirk?

Any doubt who is sponsoring this event?

Warren Sapp and Marshall Faulk know a thing or two about Super Bowls

This is the Tom Brady nostril cam

And here is the media trying to get access to Brady's nostrils

Chad Ochocinco was not worthy of his own podium

But he got some love from Deion Sanders

Hey Penn State, it is national signing week, do you know where your head coach is?

Of course, it wouldn't be Media Day without some characters

Is it possible for Eli to not look 13 years old?

The NFL Network has quite a stable of talent with Super Bowl rings

Somebody thought this hat was a good idea

Is that a Philadelphia superhero?

Diamonds and sapphires make for the world's most expensive Mardi Gras beads

Crowd was still buzzing for the Giants

Some of the players can still be found sitting in the stands

Most of the players seemed to be enjoying themselves

Lil' Eli getting ready for the team picture

For some reason, the Patriots are waiting to have their team photo taken

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