Navy SEAL Matt Bissonnette Doubles Down: Video Game To Be Released


Photo: US Navy

Matt Bissonnette doubled down on his recent releases by advising on a soon-to-be pressed video game called “Medal Of honour Warfighter.”And he’s not the only one: Navy SEALs Tyler Grey, Nate Brown and Kevin Vance all advised on the game as well. The new release claims to put players into the shoes of high-speed military operators while they embark on true-to-life historical special operations.

Steven Fries of Politico points out that “The “Medal of honour” games typically sell more than 6 million copies and cost more than $60 million to produce, making it a far more lucrative and widely consumed entertainment than a book and even many major Hollywood films.”

Maybe it was the money, or maybe it’s just Bissonnette’s new business, dreams of which a few others claim the SEALs pushed him out of the Navy for having. Bissonnette wanted to start a consulting firm called “Silent R.”

The game is due out October 23, and advertises heavily its use of recent special operations.

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