11 delicious gifts from online meat companies that carnivores will love


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Meat delivery gifts

Some people like receiving fine jewellery as gifts, while others prefer to open the box to reveal cool tech accessories. For some – the ones who are always looking forward to their next meal, cooking up something delicious in the kitchen, or eyeing pictures of food hungrily – if it’s not something they can consume, what’s even the point?

Few types of food can make a person drool like meat. It’s often the protein that forms the foundation of a meal, or its addition immediately makes an unsatisfying dish more appealing.

Sending your friend or family member some meat as a gift is a little weird if it’s just the regular stuff from your local grocery store, but certainly not when it’s of the artisanal, gourmet, and curated variety. Packaged beautifully and combined with other cuts and kitchen accessories, it’s the perfect gift for the carnivore in your life.

Keep their bellies full and happy with these 11 gifts from online meat companies.

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A kit to make the perfect prime rib


American Wagyu Prime Rib Starter Kit, $US255, available at Snake River Farms

Prime rib is actually really easy to make, as long as they get the temperature and seasoning right. The five-pound prime rib in this kit is beautifully marbled with a premium ribeye center. It includes a delicious black pepper salt to bring out the best flavours, and a digital meat thermometer to make sure they attain the perfect medium-rare.

A sampler of the best cuts from online meat delivery company Porter Road


Best of Porter Road Box, $US100, available at Porter Road

A good intro to Nashville-based online butcher shop Porter Road is its “Best Of” sampler, which has steaks, pork chops, ground beef, bacon, country sausage, and chorizo to fulfil all their different cravings.

A charcuterie spread


Classic Box, $US44.99, available at Carnivore Club

If they’re always hanging around the charcuterie board at picnics and dinner parties, a Carnivore Club box will let them enjoy their own personal stash of artisanal cured meats. Soppressata, chorizo, and pepperoni may be some of the four to six meats they will receive.

Top-grade American Wagyu steaks


Gold Steak Special, $US529, available at Snake River Farms

All the Wagyu steaks in this collection (filet mignon, Manhattan filet, and ribeye) are Gold Grade, meaning they have a Japanese beef marbling score of nine to 12 – five levels above the highest level of marbling awarded to beef by the USDA. If you want to win over a beef connoisseur, this special kit should do it.

A box of four different types of bacon


Bacon Box, $US50, available at Porter Road

Their excuse to try all those creative bacon recipes they see online is finally here, and there’s more than just one type of bacon to use. The box contains one pound each of pork bacon, English bacon, ham bacon, and jowl bacon. The pasture-raised pork is smoked over cherry wood and extra flavorful.

A custom gift combo


Ultimate Custom Combo, $US119.99, available at Omaha Steaks

This create-your-own gift option is great if you know exactly what kinds of meat they love. You can pick eight items to fill the box, and there are tons of different meats, sides, and even desserts to choose from: pork chops, baby back ribs, veal patties, potato sides, tartlets, and more.

A package of alcohol-infused beef jerky


Booze-Infused Jerkygram, $US39.99, available at Man Crates

When you marinate beef jerky in beer, wine, rum, and whiskey, the creative result is just as interesting and delicious as it sounds. At Man Crates, you can choose the delivery date, or send an “Instant Gift” e-card in case you run out of time.

All the tools and meats needed to get into sous vide cooking


Sous Vide Discovery Package, $US299, available at Snake River Farms

Snake River Farms is known for its American Wagyu steaks and there’s no better way to cook them than the precise method of sous vide. They will get two New York Strip steaks and two ribeye fillets to try out with the Anova Precision Cooker, plus a cooking guide to walk them through the whole process.

A whole ham to cook for a holiday feast


Holiday Whole Ham Box, $US224, available at Porter Road

Send an early gift to someone who you know is already stressing about how to pull off a large holiday dinner. This 10 to 12 pound whole ham is fully cooked, so all they need to do is warm it in the oven and add glaze, then divert their attention to appetizers. The accompanying sausage, bacon, and chorizo can help with that.

A gourmet dinner, served right to their doorstep


The Prime Gift Package, $US49.99, available at Omaha Steaks

Why go out to an overpriced steakhouse when a delicious gourmet dinner is right in this gift box? With two juicy ribeyes, two thick pork chops, and a four-serving size of Omaha Steakhouse fries, they will be eating well in their own home.

A hand-picked selection from a James Beard award-winning chef


Taste & Technique by Naomi Pomeroy, $US359, available at Snake River Farms

Cook along with chef Naomi Pomeroy, the owner of Portland restaurant Beast. Her book of 140 recipes, “Taste & Technique,” goes back to the fundamentals of cooking and includes ways to cook the flat iron, pork loin roast, and beef short ribs in this set.