Here's What The Mural On The Outside Of Apple's New Store In China Means

Apple Store Hangzhou ChinaAppleThe new Apple Store in China

Over at Apple’s Chinese website, there’s a new video that shows a mural on the outside of the company’s new store in Hangzhou.

Mac Rumours reports that the store in West Lake, Hangzhou, is set to open on Saturday, Jan. 24. To create excitement for the store’s opening, Apple commissioned famous calligrapher Wang Dongling to create artwork for the outside of the store.

It’s rare for Wang to create new artworks featuring readable characters, as he prefers more abstract works, but his new creation for Apple is actually a handwritten Chinese poem.

Here’s the poem that’s on the outside of the store while it’s being built:

The light of water sparkles on a sunny day,

and misty mountains lend excitement to the rain.

I like to compare the west lake to “Miss West”.

Pretty in a gay dress, and pretty in simple again.

Reddit user Studyro spotted that the mural is the ancient Chinese poem West Lake, written by Su Shi, a Chinese poet who died in 1101. So why did Apple choose this poem? Simple, the new store in Hangzhou is in West Lake, the location that the poem was set in.

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