Meal prep company Youfoodz accused of not paying benefits to staff

Youfoodz is accused of not paying some of its employees their superannuation. Getty Images
  • Former employees from Youfoodz are claiming the company did not fully pay their superannuation contributions.
  • Staffers claim the company owes nearly $50,000 in contributions.
  • One employee was told the issue is with the Australian Taxation Office.

Brisbane-based food delivery company Youfoodz has been accused of not paying superannuation to some of its employees, The Courier Mail reports.

The Courier Mail spoke to six former employees who said they raised the issue with the company’s payroll department, but the payments still did not resume.

The former employees told the publication their superannuation payments have been sporadic since 2018. They added that they had only received a small portion of what they were owed from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), but that ended three months ago.

Collectively, the group claims it is owed almost $50,000. One worker further mentioned internal rumours that Youfoodz had $3 million worth of unpaid superannuation.

One employee who wished to remain anonymous, according to the Courier Mail, was told by the company that the issue “is with the Australian Taxation Office, there’s nothing we can do, if you have any questions, talk to them.”

Youfoodz CEO, Lance Giles said in a statement to Business Insider Australia: “Youfoodz considers its staff an essential part of its business. We can confirm that all superannuation assessments have correctly been lodged with the ATO and are being paid regularly.”

Earlier this year, the ATO informed employees that IDK Pty Ltd, which trades as Youfoodz, had paid the ATO a tax contribution. In 2010, the ATO said it would deposit payments into worker’s accounts.

Under the Australian superannuation guarantee, employers are to pay their employees super contributions of 9.5% of an employee’s ordinary time earnings at least every three months. If the employer doesn’t make contributions, the ATO collects the unpaid funds from employers.

Last year, Youfoodz was among LinkedIn’s top Australian startups for 2018. Founded in 2012, it creates pre-prepared and ready to cook meals.

The company was recently involved in legal disputes with its Sydney-based chicken supplier, Cordina Chicken, over money being owed. In October 2018, Cordina claimed in court that Youfoodz owed $806,000 for chicken pieces, breading and marinades that were made in Sydney and delivered to Brisbane, as well as other chicken products.