A Canadian Olympic gold medal-winning figure skater has rescued 2 dogs from being eaten in South Korea

  • An Olympic champion rescues dogs in her spare time.
  • Canadian athlete Meagan Duhamel recently contributed to a gold medal performance in the team figure skating event.
  • But away from the ice rink, Duhamel has saved two pups from the South Korean dog meat industry.
  • Without Duhamel, those dogs – Mootae and Daegong – would have been eaten.

A figure skater, an Olympic champion, and a dog rescuer – ladies and gentlemen, I give you Meagan Duhamel.

You may recognise her after she helped Canada to a gold medal at the 2018 Winter Olympics team figure skating event in Pyeongchang on Monday.

With skating partner Eric Radford, Duhamel is a two-time world champion and seven-time Canadian national champion.

Andd she’s just as impressive off the ice. Away from winning medals, she rescues South Korean dogs who would otherwise have been eaten as they were headed for slaughter within the dog meat trade.

Right now two South Korean dogs are waiting for her to return to her Ontario, Canada home after the Olympics.

This is Mootae.


Earlier this month, Duhamel said on Instagram: “Mootae is free from the Korean dog meat industry.” Apparently Mootae “enjoys lounging in the sunshine in the safety of his own home.”


Here he is with Duhamel’s other dog, Daegong.


The South Korean consumption of dog meat, known locally as “gaegogi,” has been highlighted by international media since the 2018 Winter Olympics began.

Organisers wanted local restaurants to temporarily “banish it” from their menus but those requests have been largely ignored,according to NBC News.

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