McLaren just created a hatchback supercar

McLarenThe new McLaren 570GT, which adds a rear luggage area with a side-opening glass cover.

Formula 1 team-turned supercar maker McLaren has decided to add a little practicality to their 570S, creating a new model around an added luggage tray behind the seats in what could almost be called a “hatchback” configuration.

The new 570GT should give drivers the ability to actually take their $200,000 mid-engined supercar somewhere, with, you know, a change of clothes and a toothbrush.

And because it’s a McLaren, that lucky driver can know they will actually make it there without the usual mechanical foibles experienced by most exotic thoroughbreds.

Other tweaks include a raised rear spoiler and unique aerodynamic package to cope with the car’s new shape.

The 570GT will make its public debut at the Geneva Motor Show next month, at the ever-expanding McLaren booth.

It slots into the British carmaker’s year-old Sports Series comprised of what McLaren calls their “entry-level” models.

The McLaren 570S and new 570GT (in silver).


The interior is wrapped in leather and looks friendlier than McLaren's more hard-core models.


Along with a host of slight aerodynamics changes, the rear spoiler has been extended by a whole centimetre to cope with the car's new shape.


The new model centres around this: a rear luggage tray perched above the 562-horsepower twin-turbo V8.


While it doesn't add much, the new space supplements the relatively generous front storage area (for a supercar, anyway).


Making the 570GT an excellent choice for a road trip.


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