Tour The Laboratory That Produces McLaren's Incredible Supercar

Photo: Travis Okulski / Business Insider

In the realm of Formula One, there is one team that is either loved or loathed by fans around the world.That team? McLaren International.

McLaren boasts one of the finest records in all of Formula One. Since they started competing in 1966, McLaren has won a staggering 25 per cent of the races they competed in and have finished in the top three for 50 per cent of them.


While they have built road cars before, like the 240 MPH F1, they have now established a dedicated wing of their incredible Technical Centre for a new company, McLaren Automotive.

Like the F1 cars the team produces, the attention to detail in the construction of its supercar, the MP4-12C, is unreal.

The offices of the McLaren Technical Centre (MTC) are full of amazing cars from the company's racing history.

Apparently, some people have actually been brought to tears by the amazing cars that they have seen.

McLaren doesn't just work on cars.

Seriously, there are amazing Formula One machines everywhere.

The MP4-12C's birthplace is more akin to a scientist's laboratory than a car factory.

It almost seems sterile.

The factory takes up a massive 20,000 square meters. That's five acres of car building.

McLaren says it can make as many cars here as its competitors from Italy.

You are seeing that correctly. The employees wear uniforms made by Hugo Boss.

This carbon fibre tub is the humble beginning of the MP4-12C.

The line looks more akin to something you would find in a science fiction film or a Bond Villain's lair.

The attention to detail is simply unbelievable. Everything has a place.

If these brake discs are stored incorrectly, we're willing to bet that someone gets fired.

Body panels looks like parts of the rainbow, ready to be applied to a waiting car.

This is one of the first quality checkpoints. An ultra-precise robot takes measurements to make sure all the tolerances are correct and everything is aligned properly.

If you think the factory is cool, you simply won't believe the paint shop.

It's like the entrance to space mountain.

While there are computers on the factory floor, you won't find automation in the paint process.

No matter how good a robot is, it is still not as dexterous as a human.

Don't these just look like candy?

McLaren's traditional colour is a bright orange that really makes the MP4-12C pop.

Polishing the new car is once again a science fiction affair.

What's interesting is that while it is built in an environment that appears nearly sterile, the car is almost exclusively built by hand.

That means that for some, the passion of the workers just isn't transferring to the car itself. That's a shame.

When completed, the MP4-12C undergoes a painstaking inspection by one employee. Employees swipe a card, which then makes them totally responsible for the car before it hits the road.

McLaren then runs each car outside its epic facility for one final shakedown.

Then it is washed and sent to customers or dealers around the world.

We think this is a simply epic car, no matter what others say.

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