McIlroy Snubs The PGA Tour, Says He’ll “Never” Leave The European Tour

rory mcilroy us open

Photo: AP

You probably can’t be the “next Tiger Woods” without playing on the PGA Tour. But Rory McIlroy doesn’t seem to care.Speaking on The Dan Patrick Show this morning, Rory said he won’t be coming to embarass the golf courses of America anytime soon.

I tried it out last year and it didn’t quite work out for me. I love playing in the States and I love going over there and spending time there,” McIlroy said. “I’m never going to leave the European Tour. It’s my home tour. … I don’t think I’ll join [the PGA Tour] in the next couple years anyway. It doesn’t mean to say I’ll never join the Tour again but just at this point in time the schedule I have right now works pretty well. We’ll just have to wait and see.”

Rory doesn’t need to join the PGA Tour to remain the world’s best golfer. The competition on the European Tour is just as good, and his game will stay just as sharp.

But without a consistent presence in the US, he won’t become the type of superstar that many predicted he’d become after last week’s dominating performance.

But McIlroy had a few other interesting things to say.

When Patrick asked him how his US Open win compared to Tiger’s 2000 Open, the 22-year-old was surprisingly realistic.

No, I don’t think it’s as impressive. Tiger was the only person under par in that field that week. I think there was 20 people under par last week at Congressional.”

About 150 golf writers desperate for a new star beg to differ.

Patrick also tried to be funny and ask him if he would sponsor Guinness. McIlroy is from Northern Ireland, not Ireland. So the host is either making a controversial socio-political point, or he just doesn’t know the difference between the two. Either way, McIlroy didn’t bite.

“I don’t really like the stuff to be honest,” he said. “Heineken is my go-to beer.

Easy there young fella.

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