Caroline Wozniacki Talked Rory McIlroy Out Of Doing 'Pointless' CrossFit

In an interview with the Telegraph, Rory McIlroy talked about his philosophy on going to the gym.

He said he is fine with just setting personal bests, and doesn’t put too much stock in being a world-class all-around athlete.

He also admitted that he once wanted to get into CrossFit — a trendy exercise program — but his fiancee, Caroline Wozniacki, convinced him it was pointless because he’s just a golfer.

The story is pretty fantastic, from the Telegraph:

“I came across CrossFit on YouTube and the guy who wins is Rich Froning. He’s an absolute animal, a beast and has been hailed as the fittest man on earth for the past three years.

“I was chatting with Caroline saying, ‘I would love to get into that in the off-season for all the endurance and strength and everything.’ She just said, ‘You’re a golfer’. And I was like ‘Oh yeah…’ It sort of hit me. I am a golfer first and foremost.'”

The lesson: You don’t have to be the fittest man on earth, even if you’re a professional athlete.

Weightlifting has been an unlikely story on the PGA Tour this year.

Tiger Woods bulked up in the offseason. And after he went down with a back injury, many in the golf world speculated that his workout regimen was to blame.

It looks like it’s safe to say Rory won’t be suffering any workout-related injuries anytime soon.

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