McDonald's workers in the US claim they were groped and solicited for sexual favors on the job

McDonald’s workers are planning protests in three dozen US cities on Thursday over an array of sexual harassment claims against the burger chain.

The protests, which will be held during the busy lunch hour, are meant to draw attention to 15 federal complaints filed with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission over the last month alleging that workers were groped, solicited for sexual favours, and shown lewd photos on the job.

McDonald’s did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In one complaint, former McDonald’s worker Kristi Maisenbach alleges that her supervisor, “grabbed [her] breasts on several occasions and would intentionally rub his genitals against [her] butt.”

The supervisor also allegedly sent Maisenbach a text message in March 2016 offering $1,000 in exchange for oral sex.

The day after receiving the text, Maisenbach complained about the supervisor to her general manager at the Folsom, McDonald’s where she worked. She requested that she longer be scheduled to work the same shifts as him, according to the complaint.

“Shortly after reporting [the] harassment, Maisenbach’s hours were significantly reduced,” the complaint reads. “Maisenbach was forced to quit because she was working too few hours to earn a living.”

In a separate complaint, Cortez Clerk, a former employee of a Flint, Michigan McDonald’s, alleges that her shift manager would “regularly rub his genitals against her butt or try to grab her butt” and he “complimented [her] on her body and said he wanted to ‘do things’ to her.'”

She claims she reported the behaviour to a restaurant manager and later to an employee of McDonald’s corporate office, and that nothing was done to resolve the issue.

Thirteen other complaints alleging harassment between McDonald’s employees were filed over the last month.

The filing of the complaints was announced Wednesday by Fight for $15, a group of labour activists that has been fighting for higher wages and better working conditions for fast-food workers. The protests planned for Thursday are being organised by Fight for $15.

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