McDonalds Wants To Start 3D Printing Happy Meal Toys For Unhappy Kids

Whatever happened to “you get what you get and you don’t get upset?”

That sentiment is null as McDonald’s IT Director, Mark Fabes, ponders the idea of using in-store 3D printers to print the company’s infamous Happy Meal toys.

Fabes says using 3D printers on-site would allow staff to print the toy of the child’s choice, should the kid not like the toy McDonalds is offering at the time.

“Countless families have had their enjoyment of a nutritious McD’s ruined because they turned up the week that the starring character in that season’s kiddie-sized blockbuster had been replaced by an earnest but boring supporting character as the toy of choice,” the UK’s Register reports.

Having the ability to create toys on demand could potentially become an even bigger draw for families to visit the establishment. But the somewhat egregious idea is just that; an idea.

Apart from cost considerations, there is the issue of whether plastic smelting machines were appropriate for use in food outlets.

But 3D printing is making its way into everyday life more and more.

Just this week, Huffington Post reported the heartwarming story of a father who was able to print a 3D prosthetic hand for his son, while the Abingdon branch of the Harford County Public Library in Connecticut is one of the first places to offer free access to a 3D printer.

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