McDonald’s Is About To Become The UK’s Biggest Seller Of Children’s Books

mcdonalds happy meal kid

McDonald’s already fills children’s bellies with Chicken McNuggets.  But now they’re aiming to fill children’s minds with literacy.

The Golden Arches operator will be giving out 9 million Mudpuddle Farm books with its Happy Meals over the next month, reports The Telegraph‘s Harry Wallop.

In 2011, sales of children’s books averaged 1.16 million per week – 6.4 million in a four week period – which means that McDonald’s will be handing out considerably more children’s books than are usually sold in the UK in the same period.

This is the latest attempt by McDonald’s to improve its reputation, following the decision to sell only organic milk, print calories on its menu boards, and refurbish all of its outlets.

Don’t worry, kids.  The books won’t be replacing toys.  Each Happy Meal will also come with a Mudpuddle Farm finger puppet.

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