McDonald's is fixing its biggest problem with all-day breakfast at more than 1,000 locations

McDonald’s is responding to customers’ complaints that the chain’s all-day breakfast menu is too limited.

The fast-food giant is adding the McGriddle to the all-day menu at another 1,000 locations, in addition to the extended all-day breakfast menu tests in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area and parts of North Carolina’s Triad region, reports the Associated Press.

A McDonald’s spokesperson told the Associated Press that select locations in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and South Carolina will begin serving the McGriddle all day next week.

Adding the much-loved McGriddle to the all-day breakfast menu would help fix customers’ No. 1 issue with McDonald’s all-day breakfast: it doesn’t include many of their breakfast favourites.

Currently, most locations offer a limited breakfast menu all day, serving either McMuffins or biscuit breakfast sandwiches based on regional preferences. McGriddles and bagels are not on the national all-day menu.

“Many customers are frustrated about the limited menu,” one franchisee wrote in response to a recent survey by Nomura analyst Mark Kalinowski. “I am in a McMuffin market that was almost evenly split, and I have customers furious that they cannot get biscuits. They feel that it is a sham or false advertising.”

Another franchisee complained about “explaining to irate customers why the breakfast menu is so limited.”

McDonald’s hasn’t previously included the McGriddle and other breakfast items on the all-day breakfast menu due to potential kitchen complications. According to some franchisees and employees, all-day breakfast has already created more work and resulted in over-crowding in kitchens, due to new equipment.

However, when it comes to sales, all-day breakfast is paying off big for the fast-food chain. McDonald’s same-store sales in the US grew 5.7% in the most recent quarter, thanks in large part to the success of all-day breakfast.

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