McDonald's is launching gourmet sliders

McDonald's CanadaMcDonald’s CanadaThe Greek McTaster.

McDonald’s is launching sliders in Canada.

The sandwiches, called McTasters, are smaller than the chain’s regular burgers and they come in two different varieties: Greek and Italian, Grub Grade reports.

The 330-calorie Greek McTasters feature a beef patty topped with Mediterranean olive sauce, red onion, leaf lettuce and a tomato slice on an artisan bun.

The Italian version, which is 370 calories, features a junior chicken patty topped with parmesan cheese flakes, leaf lettuce, a tomato slice, and creamy parmesan and Italian herb sauce on an artisan bun.

A Big Mac by comparison is 520 calories.

The sandwiches are selling for $2.99 each. They are being advertised as snacks or sides to a meal.

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