McDonald's is facing backlash after failing to provide enough Szechuan sauce -- now packets are selling for hundreds of dollars on eBay

Szechuan sauceeBayPeople are selling Szechuan sauce on eBay for more than $US200.

Customers were furious at McDonald’s after its “really, really limited” edition Szechuan sauce supply failed to come even close to meeting demand.

Now, packets of the sauce are selling for hundreds of dollars on eBay. 

As of Monday morning, bids for a single sealed packet of the sauce had reached more than $US200. People had bid up to $US152.50 and $US178.50 on other listings of the Szechuan sauce on the site. 

At a Manhattan location, one customer offered people in the front of the line $US40 to give up their spots. Those in the front of the line — a trio of 12-year-old boys who arrived at McDonald’s hours earlier — refused, saying that the sauce would be worth more than that online. 

In late July, McDonald’s gave away four jugs of Szechuan McNugget sauce in response to an avalanche of demands from fans of the Adult Swim cartoon “Rick and Morty.”

McDonald'sMorgan BlackburnCrowds at a Manhattan McDonald’s on Saturday.

In August, one of the lucky recipients of the jug of Szechuan sauce sold the package on eBay for $US15,350. The winning bidder was, in fact, the DJ deadmau5 — who is apparently a huge “Rick and Morty” fan.

Soon, customers won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get their hands on the sauce.

On Sunday, McDonald’s announced it would bring the sauce back in larger quantities this winter, after backlash for failing to provide sufficient supply on Saturday. 

“Rick and Morty” set off the Szechuan sauce renaissance after its season premiere ended with a plea from mad scientist Rick for McDonald’s to bring back the plum sauce. The Szechuan sauce was previously only available for a limited time in 1998 to promote the Disney movie “Mulan.”

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