Customers Aren't Interested In Eating Healthy Food From McDonald's

McDonald’s salads are totally flopping. 

McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson said May 29 at an investor conference that the fast-food chain’s salads comprise only 2 to 3% of US restaurant sales, reports Leslie Patton at Bloomberg News.

By comparison, the popular Dollar Menu makes up between 13 and 14% of sales.

The salads aren’t all that much better for consumers then the brand’s core items of burgers and fries.

The Premium Bacon Ranch Salad with Grilled Chicken has only 20 fewer calories than a hamburger. 

McDonald’s Caesar salads were even rumoured to be on the chopping block. 

The fast food chain is often blamed for contributing to the obesity epidemic.

While McDonald’s has tried offering healthier menu options, it can’t be blamed for a lack of consumer interest. 

The fast food chain is simply giving customers the Big Macs and fries they want. 

And Thompson recently claimed that he lost 20 pounds eating the retailer’s food every day. 

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