McDonald's Rolls Out Its Pricier 'Dollar Menu & More'

McDonald’s rolled out its new, pricier “Dollar Menu & More” on Monday, and it includes meals costing up to $US5, Burger Business reported.

New menu items costing $US2 include the 480-calorie Bacon Cheddar McChicken and the 420-calorie Bacon Buffalo Ranch McChicken.

Additions costing $US1 include the Buffalo Ranch McChicken and the BBQ Ranch Burger, both of which are 350 calories. The BBQ Ranch Burger is topped with white cheddar cheese and tortilla strips.

The 460-calorie Bacon McDouble, which has been around for a while, will also join the menu priced at $US2.

The most expensive item on the menu is a 20-piece Chicken McNuggets meal for $US5.

The menu’s name has been changed to the “Dollar Menu & More” to reflect the inclusion of more expensive products.

McDonald’s CEO Donald Thompson has said that the new menu “expands on, rather than dismisses, the Dollar Menu.”

But some analysts have predicted that the new menu could be the beginning of a continuing price climb at McDonald’s, with food price inflation making its Dollar Menu less profitable.

See the full menu below:

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