McDonald's Australia just launched a bigger Big Mac -- here's it stacks up against the original

The Big Mac just got better.

McDonald’s Australia is rolling out the “Grand Mac” this week to celebrate its 50 years of the burger.

The Grand Big Mac burger is full of all the classic Big Mac ingredients but with more Special Sauce over two larger 100% Aussie beef patties, with more lettuce, cheese, and onions, all served on a larger sesame seed bun.

Jo Feeney, Marketing Director at McDonald’s Australia says, “We’re excited to be celebrating 50 years of the Big Mac, one of Macca’s most popular burgers here and around the world. To celebrate this special occasion we’re introducing the limited edition Grand Big Mac – giving our customers more of what they know and love.”

At around $7.45, the Grand Big Mac will be available across McDonald’s restaurants nationwide for limited time only.

Business Insider reporter Hollis Johnson grabbed a regular Big Mac and a Grand Big Mac to see how they compare.

Here's the normal Big Mac.

Hollis Johnson

And now, the Grand Big Mac. In order to comfortably hold the Grand Mac, one needs two hands. It's the width of a Burger King Whopper, and the stack height of a Big Mac.

Hollis Johnson

With more beef, more cheese, and more bun, the Grand Mac is a grand experiment in the vein of 'super sizing.' It's a lot to handle -- I felt full about 3/4 of the way through the behemoth swimming in Big Mac sauce. Oddly enough, the Grand Mac is only $1.50 more than the Big Mac.

Hollis Johnson

The burger's massive size can really be seen when placed next to its progenitor. It's... enormous. Gargantuan.

Hollis Johnson

Are these size variations practical? Well, maybe. The Grand Mac fixes the one major problem with the Big Mac: for those with large appetites, the Big Mac only goes so far to satiate hunger.

Hollis Johnson

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