Another McDonald's Menu Item Is On The Chopping Block

By villes on FlickrMcDonald’s is reportedly phasing out its Angus Third Pounder to put more resources toward promoting the Quarter Pounder. 

The Angus is being removed from McDonald’s menus nationwide, reports Burger Business, citing internal sources.

McDonald’s hasn’t commented on the recent report, but did say it was “reviewing options” for the burger in February.

The fast food giant is expected to add bacon to the Quarter Pounder instead. 

The Angus Burger was released four years ago to compete with the “better burger” craze spurred by In-And-Out, Five Guys, and Smashburger. 

The burger retails for around $4.55, making it more expensive than most sandwich options, reports The Consumerist

But McDonald’s sales have been hit because customers don’t want to spend big on burgers. 

As a result, McDonald’s has released a series of cheaper menu items to appeal to them. 

McDonald’s also eliminated its Apple Walnut Salad and Chicken Selects this year. 

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