McDonald's Now Has A Massive customisable Box Of Chicken

mcdonalds chicken box

Photo: McDonald’s

The fast food chicken war continues with customisable boxes, reports Scott Hume at Burger Business.Behold the Chicken 3er Box and the Chicken 5er Box from McDonald’s, now being offered in Germany and Luxembourg.

The Chicken 3er Box lets you mix-and-match three portions of chicken and three dipping sauces (the 5er lets you have five of each).

You can pick any combination of Chicken McNuggets (six per portion), Chicken Sticks (three per portion), or Chicken McBites (portions by weight).

That means if you pick five portions of McNuggets, you get a gigantic 30-nugget box.

Excessive? Well, the box concept has been getting more popular, and as it grows, the boxes just keep getting more complex.

Burger Business points out KFC’s Five Stars Box in Australia, which features one piece of Original Recipe chicken, one BBQ Wing, three Wicked Wings, mashed potatoes with gravy, one portion of Popcorn Chicken, fries and a drink.

And it’s not just chicken going box-crazy. Taco Bell’s usage of promo combo boxes is legendary. The Volcano Box, the Big Bell Box, the Touchdown 5 Buck Box, the Variety Big Box, the NBA Big Box, the Cheesy Gordita Crunch Box, the Cheesy Double Decker Taco Box — it’s endless.

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