McDonald’s newest restaurant is totally unrecognizable


McDonald’s is rolling out a new kind of restaurant in Paris that doesn’t sell burgers or fries. 

The restaurant, called McCafé, more closely resembles an upscale coffee and dessert shop than a McDonald’s restaurant. 

It has an open kitchen and 30 seats for dining in, Le Figaro reports.

On it’s website, it says it’s dedicated to selling “coffee and delicacies.”

The McCafé sells treats and desserts like macaroons, cupcakes, tiramisu, flan, muffins, marshmallow bars, and brownies, as well as a wide range of plain and flavored coffee drinks including espressos, macchiatos, and lattes.

There are no Golden Arches or signage related to McDonald’s on the outside of the building. Inside, there’s a refrigerated bar of to-go items like yogurt and sandwiches.

McCafe Paris

It looks a lot like the inside of a Starbucks store.

McCafe Paris

Here’s a closer look at some of the desserts:

There are also heartier dishes like bagels toasted with salmon and pastrami, Grub Street reports

PostbyAime Yarbough.

McCafe Paris


The decor is all coffee-themed — it looks nothing like a regular McDonald’s.

McCafe Paris

These markers appear to be used for table service.

McCafe Paris

McCafé is the name of McDonald’s coffee brand. The company started opening standalone 

McCafés in urban areas of Canada last year

The Canadian McCafés serve coffee, danishes, breakfast sandwiches, and croissants, as well as heartier meals like quinoa edamame mandarin salad, a kale and Brussels sprouts salad with mixed veggies, cclassic grilled cheese on stoneground multi-grain bread, and an apple & brie croissant with honey.

“We’re putting the café in McCafé and making the brand a destination in its own right,” John Betts, president and CEO of McDonald’s Canada, told Business Insider last year. “The new standalone McCafé locations allow us to build on our strong coffee credentials and create even stronger connections with our brand by offering our guests the more complete cafe menu they have been asking us for.” 

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