McDonald's Is Adding Three New Burgers To The Menu

mcdonald's quarter pounder

McDonald’s Quarter Pounders are about to get a lot more fancy. 

Following the departure of its Angus Third Pounder, McDonald’s is dressing up the cheaper Quarter Pounder in hopes that cash-strapped customers will come back. 

The new burgers are bacon and cheese, deluxe, and Habanero ranch, according to The Associated Press

The new Quarter Pounders will also have a whole grain bun, according to the AP. 

The burgers will hit restaurants in mid-June. 

McDonald’s has completely revamped its menu this year, complaining that customers were too broke to buy fast food. 

In addition to the Angus Third Pounder, the fast food giant got rid of other premium items like Chicken Selects and the Apple Walnut Salad. 

New menu items include the McWrap, a Blueberry Pomegranate smoothie, and the Egg White Delight. 

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