McDonald’s is opening a restaurant that serves quinoa and kale instead of burgers

McDonald’s Canada is opening a new cafe that sells quinoa and kale salads instead of burgers.

The concept, named McCafé after McDonald’s coffee line, will also serve coffee, danishes, breakfast sandwiches, croissants, and fancy desserts.

“We’re putting the café in McCafé and making the brand a destination in its own right,” John Betts, president and CEO of McDonald’s Canada, said in a statement. “The new standalone McCafé locations allow us to build on our strong coffee credentials and create even stronger connections with our brand by offering our guests the more complete cafe menu they have been asking us for.”

Among the items on the menu are a quinoa edamame mandarin salad, a kale and Brussels sprouts salad with mixed veggies, classic grilled cheese on stoneground multi-grain bread, and an apple & brie croissant with honey.

The first location is opening at Union Station in Toronto.

The cafes, which will be much smaller than McDonald’s restaurants, are going to be located primarily in urban areas.

Each location will offer “on-the-go” menus to give time-pressed customers a quick option for coffee and snacks.

The “on-the-go” menu includes items from the new McCafé Bakery, such as croissants, a mini chocolatine, and cream cheese danishes made with real fruit. The McCafé Bakery menu is also rolling out across McDonald’s restaurants nationally in Canada.

Canada is one of McDonald’s strongest markets.

The company often tests concepts in Canada and other well-performing markets, such as Australia, before considering bringing them to the US.

Here’s an example of the McCafé’s menu:


And here’s an example of the cafe’s bakery menu:


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