McDonald's is ditching 100% juice in Happy Meals for a drink that's only 42% juice

McDonald’s is swapping 100% juice for a lower-sugar, watered-down beverage.

In late November, the fast-food chain is swapping Minute Maid for Honest Kids’ “organic apple juice drink.”

The new Honest Kids beverage is 42% juice. A six-ounce box contains 35 calories and eight grams of sugar.

For comparison, the Minute Maid apple juice box that McDonald’s currently serves in Happy Meals is 100% juice and contains 80 calories and 19 grams of sugar.

Honest Kids is Honest Teas’ brand for kids. Coca-Cola acquired Honest Tea in 2012.

McD juiceMinute Maid, Honest TeaMinute Maid nutrition info versus Honest Kids.

A McDonald’s spokesperson described the switch as “part of a commitment by McDonald’s to raise the bar on our food.”

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