McDonald's Operator Says His 'Mighty Wings' Test Run Was 'Extremely Successful'

mcdonald's mighty wings chicken

Photo: By Andrew Currie on Flickr

McDonald’s is testing out Mighty Wings — a product it hasn’t sold nationally in the U.S. for nearly a decade.The test first took place in Atlanta and has now moved on to a second run up north in Chicago.

Scott Hume at Burger Business spoke with a McDonald’s operator in Atlanta who was part of the initial test run. The operator, J.M. Owens, runs eight units and he shared his thoughts about the product.

He’s a big fan, noting that the test was “extremely successful.”

“We were delighted,” he told Burger Business. “As you know, Atlanta is a very diverse market with a large African-American base and an emerging Hispanic base. The Mighty Wings over-indexed with African-American consumers who really embraced that product.”

“The wings are a cross between chicken on the bone and a spicy chicken wing and, served dry, I think they’re a great product,” he continued.

So, Mighty Wings are resonating with at least one operator who has had the chance to sell them. That’s good news for the folks hoping that the wings will go national at some point.

McDonald’s has said that right now it has no plans to expand the test any further.

And learn about the fascinating history of deep-fried foods below:

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