McDonald's employees reveal their favourite menu items

Koji Sasahara/AP ImagesLooking for some inspiration? McDonald’s staff share their go-to orders.

If you really want to know what’s good and what’s worth skipping at the Golden Arches you can turn to McDonald’s crew members for their insight. They make the food, after all.

And, according to Quora users who previously worked at the chain, many crew members choose to use their employee discounts – which vary from restaurant to restaurant – to buy McDonald’s food during their meal breaks.

So what orders do crew members gravitate toward, whether they’re on their lunch break or off-duty?

Business Insider spoke with several current and former crew members to find out. A number of McDonald’s employees have also shared their favourite orders on Quora. Some crew members favoured classic menu items, while others got more avant garde with signature-crafted selections.

Here’s a look at some of McDonald’s employees’ favourite orders:

The chicken nuggets and tenders are quite popular …

Hollis Johnson

When asked about their favourite order, a former McDonald’s crew member told Business Insider that they went for the chicken McNuggets and fries. Chicken McNuggets were first introduced in a limited capacity in 1981.

“They’re the best,” the ex-crew member added.

A Minnesota-based McDonald’s crew member told Business Insider that they frequently eat at the restaurant, as they can order meals at a “discounted price.”

“The best thing to get is by far the tenders, but we do run out every now and again, so the next best thing is either nuggets or a cheeseburger,” the crew member said.

Another crew member from Georgia told Business Insider they enjoyed the chicken tenders, as well.

… as are the chicken sandwiches.

Hollis Johnson

Even in the era of the chicken sandwich wars, some employees consider the McDonald’s buttermilk crispy chicken sandwich a go-to.

“A chicken sandwich meal is my go to,” a former crew member from Virginia told Business Insider.

A number of crew members love the breakfast options …

Hollis Johnson

Breakfast is popular wth some crew members.

One crew member wrote in a 2018 Reddit AMA that they craved the sausage, egg, and cheese McGriddle.

Another employee in the same thread said they favoured the egg McMuffin. And a third crew member wrote that they most enjoyed the steak, egg, and cheese bagel.

International crew members go for items that aren’t available in the US.

McDonald’s menus vary around the world to better suit local tastes. So that means international crew members might have favourites that US employees don’t even recognise.

“I don’t get McDonalds very often, but when I do I always get the same thing: A BBQ chicken legend, large fries, and a strawberry milkshake,” former McDonald’s crew member wrote on Quora.

The chicken legend is a chicken breast fillet with mayo in a toasted roll, and it’s available in the UK.

Meanwhile, for Australia-based McDonald’s crew member and Quora poster Grace Bridget, McBites and gravy-loaded fries are the order of the day.

Others look to McDonald’s so-called secret menu …


McDonald’s so-called secret menu is a bit controversial among employees.

A former McDonald’s crew member from Virginia told Business Insider that “there is no such thing as a secret menu.”

That being said, one McDonald’s crew member wrote in a 2017 Reddit Post that their favourite creation from the restaurant was a McGangbang – widely considered a jewel of the secret menu. This order is composed of a McDouble sandwich and a McChicken sandwich mashed together.

… or even experiment with their own creations.

Irene Jiang / Business Insider

Former McDonald’s employee Jasmine Nathaniel took to Quora to share her experiences at the fast food chain. She said that sometimes crew members would get “creative in the kitchen” when they had a bit of free time.

“I have made many quesadillas and grilled cheese bacon sandwiches in my time,” she wrote.

At the end of the day, over 375,000 people work at the fast-food chain around the world. Their tastes are going to vary quite a bit, just like those of McDonald’s customers.

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