McDonald's is drastically redesigning restaurants in Japan to win back trust

McDonald’s wants Japanese consumers to trust the brand.

Sales have been falling amid fears its burgers and fries aren’t safe for consumption.

To win back customers, McDonald’s Japan is remodeling some of its stores to fit an ‘open kitchen’ design, according to RocketNews24.

This move is intended to give customers more insight into production and faciliate the stores turnaround in the country.

Two stores in Saitama and Osaka have already converted to the new concept.

“Located in the food court of both shopping malls, the company hopes to benefit from the foot traffic of passers-by, who will be able to look through large glass windows in order to see the action inside the kitchen,” according to RocketNews24.

This is just one of the many initiatives the company has put in place to boost sales in the global market.

McDonald’s Japan recently reported declining sales and revenue.

The company attributes its’ growing decline to, “
broad-based consumer perception issues,” according to a recent earnings call.

The company’s turnaround plan includes cutting costs, remodeling stores and closing struggling locations.

In January, the company faced a huge firestorm after an alleged human tooth and pieces of plastic were found in the food.

“To make such cases zero is our goal. We are doing our utmost to tackle them, one by one,” senior executive Takehiko Aoki, a senior executive said at the time.

We’ve reached out to McDonald’s and will update if we hear back.

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