McDonald's Is Testing A Family-Sized Value Meal

McDonald’s is testing a family-sized meal package.

The Blitz Box contains two Quarter Pounders with cheese, two medium french fries, and 20 Chicken McNuggets, reports Burger Business. The meal, which comes boxed up like a Happy Meal, is priced at $US14.99.

McDonald’s is testing the Blitz Box in Kansas City, Missouri, according to Burger Business.

Burger Business editor Scott Hume writes that while boxed multi-person meals have been popular at KFC for years, burger chains have been slower to try them out.

“Cold chicken is fine, but cold burgers are not,” he writes. “But now the tight marketplace has convinced McDonald’s to try it.”

McDonald’s is also testing a more expensive value menu because food price inflation has made items on the Dollar Menu less profitable, reports Leslie Patton at Bloomberg News.
A drought put pressure on the beef supply, making McDonald’s $US1 burger especially problematic.

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