McDonald's is now going to serve breakfast all day and night

Now it doesn’t matter what time you crawl out of bed with a hangover craving a hashbrown, McDonald’s is rolling out its breakfast menu as an all-day offering.

The catch is you have to live south of Sydney for the initial trial, with the McMuffins, hashbrowns and hotcakes being served up at 24-hour McDonald’s stores around the Wollongong-Illawarra region. The rest of the nation will still has to hit the stores before 10.30am, but the all day breakfast is heading to the Gold Coast on August 1.

The fast food company says the move is in response to consumer demand, especially from shift workers.

Chief marketing officer Mark Lollback, said the one thing people always asked about was for an all-day breakfast.

But the company has for years responded to consumer requests for an all-day breakfast saying “there simply isn’t enough room to prepare all our different menu items at the same time”.

In May, McDonald’s in the US began a trial of all-day breakfasts in San Diego.

Macca’s hasn’t yet made plans for where it will be introduced next, and wants to wait and see what the initial reaction is like at the Wollongong stores.

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