McDonald’s Immediately Follows Its Epic #McDStories Fail With Another Twitter Campaign

mcdonalds twitter

One day removed from the spectacular social media fail of McDonald’s #McDStories campaign, the chain is already following it up with another hashtag (via Mashable).

It’s #LittleThings, and McDonald’s is hoping it’ll prompt some instant redemption after the previous day’s catastrophe.

The McDonald’s Twitter account is fully branded for the new campaign, which exists to promote Chicken McBites — the popcorn-chicken-like product that’s being offered for a limited time in the US.

Now, the hashtag is equally as dangerously vague as #McDStories, but so far, things have worked out. However, Mashable points out that DoubleTree by Hilton has a promoted tweet campaign with the same hashtag, which could spark some conflict.

At least the tweets are pretty tame so far. The responses have been generally about every day tasks that make your day better (like a cup of coffee, or a laughing kid), but you have to bet that McDonald’s is keeping a particularly close eye on this hashtag after that epic disaster.

It just goes to show that social media can go wrong in an instant, but when the mistake isn’t all that serious, people are quick to forget — or at least laugh it off.

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