McDonald’s is doing something no other fast-food chain has done before

McDonald’s is testing a new coffee kiosk that allows customers to brew and customise their own lattes, mochas, and cappuccinos.

The kiosk features a beverage dispenser, cups, and a touch-screen tablet where customers can order and pay for their drinks.

The tablet lets customers craft their own beverages from a selection of flavored syrups and milks.

It also enables customers to control the milk-to-espresso ratio in each drink. Each drink costs $2.99.

The machine pours the steamed milk and espresso from the same spout.

The kiosk allows customers who only want a coffee drink to skip the food line. It also frees up employees from having to make complicated coffee orders. 

No other fast-food chain that we’re aware of has made an espresso machine accessible to customers, especially one that provides this level of customisation.

McDonald’s spokeswoman Lisa McComb told Business Insider that the company is testing the kiosks in two locations in Chicago. Brand Eating was the first to report on the new kiosks.

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