Here's The Awkward New #Shamrocking Meme That McDonald's Is Desperately Trying To Start

McDonalds #shamrocking

Photo: @McDonalds

McDonald’s is asking customers to celebrate the radioactive glow of its promotional Shamrock Shake by contorting their bodies into an awkwardly contrived new meme: #Shamrocking.

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McDonald’s explained the concept in a sponsored story on BuzzFeed:

The Irish jig has been an expression of joy since the 16th century, and thanks to the hot new viral trend of #Shamrocking, it’s making a modern day comeback. Check out some of these high-stepping #Shamrockers, then get out there and treat your friends to a shake and make them dance with delight!

Because if McDonald’s says it’s hot, new, and viral then it is, right? (The super hip fast food chain also tweeted that “Peeps R so excited” about the new phenomenon.)

But I wouldn’t bet your pot of gold on the jig-like #Shamrocking turning into the new Planking/Owling/Tebowing. It’s kind of like the demented step-cousin of Captain Morgan’s promotional pose-off—“1) Right hand on right hip; 2) left hand on raised left knee; and 3) turn head, arch right eyebrow and laugh!”—in 2007.

Much like the McRib, the 42-year-old Shamrock Shake does have a cult-like following. For the first time ever, the 550 calorie drink (but if it makes you feel better, a 16-ounce Dairy Queen Blizzard has 1170 calories) will be offered at all 14,000 U.S. McDonald’s locations.

But love of the boldly green shake does not a meme make. While some people are Tweeting pictures under the shamrocking hashtag, many are using #shamrocking to poke fun at the pose.

Of course this isn’t as bad as McDonald’s last hashtag fiasco: #McDStories. Rather than posting happy vignettes of McDonald’s experiences, most #McDStories were like the following: “One time I walked into McDonald’s and I could smell Type 2 diabetes floating in the air and I threw up.”

Really McDonald's? R Peeps so excited?

Because this is what people are tweeting ...

... and they seem kind of underwhelmed.

And borderline offended.

Although people do love the shake. Including Google's Marissa Mayer.

Don't let the putrid green colour throw you off!

There has yet to be a #Shamrocking incident at BI's office.

McDonald's had to apologise for this typo. Paddy, not Patty.

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