One McDonald's Is Testing iPads That Customers Can Use For Free

McDonalds Rickey Berens

Photo: whosay

McDonald’s has more than 14,000 stores across America, but there’s only one equipped with iPads that you can use for free.A new McDonald’s in Virginia has four tables with the Apple tablets on white stands. They’re available for customers to play games or surf the web without charge, reports Carolyn Shapiro at the PilotOnline.

Why’d the owner do it?

“It’s a great idea to stay relevant, especially to a new generation,” Hugh Fard, who owns a dozen McDonald’s stores in the area, tells PilotOnline. “People like to multitask, so why not provide that element for them?”

McDonald’s doesn’t have any plans to roll out iPads in more locations (or to offer the option to additional franchisees), but it’s keeping a close eye on Fard’s restaurant to see how well the idea works.

By the way, some McDonald’s locations in Europe have iPads already — that’s where Fard got the idea in the first place.

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