McDonald's served a pregnant woman a latte that was actually full of cleaning fluid

Justin Sullivan/Getty ImagesSarah Douglas got a latte with cleaning fluid in it from a McDonald’s in Lethbridge, a city in Alberta, Canada.
  • Sarah Douglas ordered a latte from a McDonald’s drive-thru in Alberta, Canada, on Sunday.
  • But the milk in her drink was mixed with cleaning fluid.
  • The owner of the McDonald’s franchise told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation that the cleaning-solution line was still connected to the milk line when it made Douglas’ coffee.

A McDonald’s outlet served a pregnant woman a latte that was full of cleaning fluid instead of milk over the weekend.

Sarah Douglas stopped at a McDonald’s drive-thru in Lethbridge, a town in Alberta, Canada, to get a drink on Sunday morning. She paid and left, but then realised upon taking a sip that her drink had a chemical taste and immediately spat it out, she said.

The restaurant later found that the coffee machine had been attached to the cleaning-fluid line when it made Douglas’ drink.

Here’s a photo of Douglas, shared on Twitter by a Canadian local news anchor:

Douglas, who is more than seven months pregnant, described the drink in an interview with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

“I opened up the lid of the coffee and out pours this pungent smell of chemical,” she said. “It wasn’t a latte at all.”

She told the CBC that when she returned to the restaurant to complain, she was offered a new coffee but responded: “Absolutely not. This is unacceptable.”

She said a staff member told her that two cleaning lines were connected to the milk line, a detail confirmed in a statement to the CBC from the owner of the franchise, Dan Brown.

Lethbridge McDonald's Alberta Canada mapGoogle Maps/Business Insider

“What happened is that the machine was being cleaned as it is every morning,” Brown said in the statement. “Unfortunately, the milk supply line was connected to the cleaning solution while this guest’s drink was made.”

Latte McCafe McDonald's Canada cleaning fluidMcDonald’s CanadaA promotional image of a latte from McDonald’s Canada.

The supervisor on duty showed her the cleaning-fluid packaging so she could give health officials complete information about what she drank, Douglas told the CBC. Since she did not swallow any of the fluid, Douglas was ultimately fine and given the all-clear by a doctor, she said.

But Douglas told the local news website Lethbridge News Now that a staff member said this was not the first time this had happened.

A McDonald’s worker who overheard her talking with the supervisor “was a little bit upset at the situation and said that this had happened before,” Douglas said. “And she was a little mad that it was occurring again.”

Brown apologised in a statement to Lethbridge News Now and said his team had been in “very close contact” with Douglas.

“We have taken immediate action to review the proper cleaning procedures with the team and have put additional signage up as an added reminder,” he said.

He added that a health inspector visited the restaurant and was “not investigating further.”

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