McDonald's Is Going On A One-Day Hiring Spree For 1,800 Jobs

McDonalds Workers

Photo: NYCArthur/Flickr

In a world filled with scary job charts, there’s one company you can count on to keep hiring — although the jobs aren’t the most glamorous.Yes, there are a whole lot of McJobs available today. 

McDonald’s is going on a one-day hiring spree. It plans to hire up to 1,800 new workers across New England and New York, according to Fosters.

A lot of the newly available jobs are likely to spots that were vacated by students going back to school.

Participating McDonald’s locations will be taking applications and conducting on-site interviews from 3 PM to 5 PM.

Potential employee benefits may include flexible hours, health and dental insurance, scholarships, uniforms and free or discounted meals, according to the release.

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