McDonald's is testing a game-changing adjustment to all-day breakfast

McDonald’s may be fixing many customers’ biggest beef with all-day breakfast.

Most McDonald’s locations serve a limited all-day breakfast menu, offering breakfast sandwiches made with either biscuits or English muffins. However, the chain is now serving its entire breakfast menu all day at certain locations, reports Brand Eating.

That means customers can choose from McGriddles, McMuffins, and biscuits all day in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area, as well as parts of North Carolina’s Triad region, under the “All Day Breakfast: Bigger Menu” platform.

All-day breakfast recently helped boost McDonald’s sales, with a 5.7% uptick in US same-store sales in the fourth quarter. While consumers have reacted positively, the No. 1 complaint has been that the menu is too limited. 

“Many customers are frustrated about the limited menu,” one franchisee wrote in response to a recent survey by Nomura analyst Mark Kalinowski. “I am in a McMuffin market that was almost evenly split, and I have customers furious that they cannot get biscuits. They feel that it is a sham or false advertising.”

Another franchisee complained about “explaining to irate customers why the breakfast menu is so limited.

Customers have taken to social media to express annoyance that their favourite breakfast choice had been cut from the menu.




Biscuit lovers in particular have responded negatively to the absence of their favourite item.



The biggest concern with growing the all-day breakfast menu is that it will create too much of a strain on operations. The potential for complications comes at a time when McDonald’s is trying to improve order accuracy and speed through simplification, the Associated Press noted in Janurary when Tusla’s “Bigger Menu” all-day breakfast test was first reported.

However, as customers demand biscuits, McDonald’s is willing to explore all of its options. Soon, your local McDonald’s may also be offering McGriddles 24 hours a day.

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