McDonald's Franchise Wants Its Cashiers To Have A Bachelor's Degree And 2 Years Of Experience

mcdonalds headquarters tour

An ad for a cashier job at a McDonald’s franchise in Massachusetts had some lofty requirements. 

The Winchendon, Massachusetts, restaurant was hiring a cashier and asking for candidates to have a Bachelor’s degree and between one and two years of experience, reports Paul Bedard at The Washington Examiner

“With colleges producing more graduates, and youth unemployment at a sky-high 11.5 per cent, even landing a job selling Big Macs is getting competitive,” Bedard writes. 

The job ad says that the right candidate could enjoy “a weekly paycheck with a side order of food, folks and fun.” 

While the ad seems absurd, it actually indicates a bigger problem with the U.S. economy. 

People in their 20’s have higher unemployment than other groups, and many are saddled with loan and credit card debt. 

“Sadly we’ve taxed-and-spent our way to an economy in which there’s intense competition for just about any job….young people are getting screwed over even worse than the country overall,” Evan Feinberg, president of the youth advocacy group Generation Opportunity, told Bedard. 

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