McDonald's Is Testing A Whole New Type Of Egg McMuffin

egg mcmuffin mcdonalds

Photo: By fizzedi on Flickr

McDonald’s USA Jan Fields announced today that the fast food chain is continuing to work on new, healthier options, reports the AP.The one that could be big is a brand new form of the Egg McMuffin called the Egg White Delight.

What exactly is this thing?

It’s a 260-calorie sandwich made with egg whites, canadian bacon and white cheddar cheese on a whole grain muffin.

McDonald’s has always dealt with the stigma of being perceived as horribly unhealthy, but the fast food mammoth is working on patching up its image.

For instance, it recently declared that it’s going to put calorie numbers on its menus nationwide — a move that not only comes ahead of upcoming government regulations, but makes its competitors look bad.

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