McDonald's dumped 'Create Your Taste' in the US but it's staying in Australia and even coming to the drive-through

Photo: Hollis Johnson/Business Insider

Fear not, Australian lovers of Maccas’ custom burgers: the “Create Your Taste” menu is here to stay.

Although the custom burger line is being pulled in the US, a McDonald’s spokeperson confirmed the “Create Your Taste” menu is staying in Australia — and expanding.

“It’s been incredibly successful and our customers have loved the different, great tasting ingredients; we are committed to continuing to offer gourmet burgers in our restaurants,” a McDonald’s spokesperson said.

“We are always evolving our menu and next year we will look to extend the offer in to our drive thru which is what customers are telling us they want.”

The “Create Your Taste” menu began rolling out in Australia in early 2015 and started expanding nationally this year.

This morning BI reported that McDonald’s in the US will pull its “Create Your Taste” menu and replace it with a “Signature Crafted Recipes” menu instead, which offers similar custom-designed burgers — but with much less customisation and choice.

“Create Your Taste” is being quietly removed from roughly 2000 restaurants (1 in 7) in the US from San Francisco to New York.

The problems with the menu in the US had various causes.

Some franchisees complained about the cost of the implementation of the program which included installing the new kiosks and expanding the kitchen to handle the new toppings.

Kitchen operations were also slowed down.

Some customers complained that the burgers were too expensive and took too long to cook.

They aren’t getting rid of customisable options from the US menu entirely though. According to a spokesperson from McDonald’s in the US, customers liked ordering from kiosks and personalising their food.

Instead, the new “Signature Crafted Recipes” menu offers customers “bundled” topping packages like the “pico guacamole” which includes smashed avocado and salsa, “maple bacon dijon” and “sweet BBQ bacon”, rather than allowing customers to choose exactly what particular sauce, cheese and extras combination they want on their burger.

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