McDonald’s Didn’t Put Its Name On This New Series Of Experimental Ads

mcdonald's ad unbranded fillet of fish

McDonald’s released a series of posters in France that don’t mention the fast food chain’s name anywhere on the the ad.

The art, by TBWA/Paris, assumes that consumers will immediately be able to identify extreme closeups of food as McDonald’s products.

While that might work well for the french fries, will the ice cream have the same effect?

Companies have been known to release unbranded advertisements before, but it is usually a teaser for a larger campaign to come. Before the 2012 Super Bowl, a 10-second clip of Matthew Broderick reprising his classic role as Ferris Bueller hit the internet. In a successful attempt to build buzz, it didn’t list a brand affiliation. Honda was later revealed to be the company behind the campaign.

But the McDonald’s ads aren’t teasing anything. It is saying that the food is so iconic, it speaks for itself.

Would you be able to tell what the poster is for?

mcdonald's ad unbranded burger
mcdonald's ad unbranded french fries
mcdonald's ad unbranded ice cream
mcdonald's ad unbranded fillet of fish