McDonald's Cheesy Bacon Fries are rolling out across America in late January, and they have the potential to be a massive win for the fast-food giant

McDonald’s HonoluluMcDonald’s upcoming Cheesy Bacon Fries launch has the potential to be a massive win for the fast-food giant.
  • McDonald’s will be launching Cheesy Bacon Fries by January 30, according to internal documents viewed by Business Insider.
  • The cheese-covered fries are intended to encourage customers to consider purchasing fries as a snack as well as boost traffic.
  • Kalinowski Equity Research picked McDonald’s as one of its top two restaurant stocks of 2019, in part due to excitement over the Cheesy Bacon Fries launch.

McDonald’s upcoming Cheesy Bacon Fries launch has the potential to be a massive win for the fast-food giant.

Mark Kalinowski of Kalinowski Equity Research chose McDonald’s as one of his top two restaurant stocks for 2019. Kalinowski is optimistic about the fast-food giant’s potential due to its same-store sales compared to rivals, international possibilities, future-centric game plan – and cheese fries.

“We are also excited to see what the nationwide (U.S.) launch of Cheesy Bacon Fries in early 2019 might do for McDonald’s U.S., particularly if sales of that item turn out to be solid after initial customer trial,” Kalinowski wrote.

In December, Business Insider broke the news that McDonald’s would be taking the bacon-topped dish national. Internal documents viewed by Business Insider indicate that the limited-time offering is set to launch in late January, though the company declined to confirm its plans on Thursday.

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The launch is intended to encourage customers to consider purchasing loaded fries as a snack – instead of just as a side – and to boost the number of customers visiting the chain, according to internal documents.

McDonald’s has long sold cheesy fries in other countries, including Spain and Canada.

The chain has tested different versions of cheese fries in the US for years, including a limited-time offer of a loaded-bacon-and-cheese basket of fries across four states in 2017. McDonald’s locations in Hawaii and Northern California began selling the cheesy bacon fries in November.

Loaded fries have been a hot topic in the fast-food industry. In 2018, Taco Bell debuted nacho fires in the US, selling more than 53 million orders during the limited-time offering’s original run from late January to April. Carl’s Jr. and Wendy’s are also among the chains that have added cheesy fries to the menu in recent years.

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