McDonald’s could finally catch up to Burger King and Wendy’s with its newest test

McDonald's Canada
McDonald’s Canada Bacon Big Mac. McDonald’s Canada

McDonald’s may soon no longer be the only one of the Big Three fast-food burger chains without a bacon burger on its menu.

Earlier in January, the fast-food chain introduced a Big Mac with bacon in Canada for a limited time. Now, one analyst is wondering if that means McDonald’s customers in the US will soon be able to order a bacon burger.

“With 2017 being the 50th anniversary year of the Big Mac, and with this menu item apparently requiring no additional [ingredients] for the restaurants, if it sells well perhaps McDonald’s U.S. might consider it for the domestic market?” Nomura’s Mark Kalinowski wrote in a research note on Tuesday. “After all, Wendy’s has done well with its Baconator for years, and Burger King has seemed to fare well with the Bacon King it introduced last year (having recently introduced a BBQ Bacon King line extension).”

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McDonald’s Double Quarter-Pounder with cheese and bacon Hollis Johnson

In November, Business Insider’s Hollis Johnson tested a makeshift McDonald’s bacon burger, which he made by adding bacon to a regular burger. He compared it to the bacon burgers at Burger King and Wendy’s and found
an issue with McDonald’s bacon that the chain will likely have to fix if it wants the Bacon Big Mac to catch on in Canada and beyond.

“It’s… fine. It’s thin and sparsely applied — three lugubrious strips,” Johnson wrote. “There’s a vague sweetness to each bite that the white onions and sugary bun add to.”

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