McDonald's Australia Is Dumping Heinz Ketchup And It's Warren Buffett's Fault

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Some tomato sauce maker is about to hit pay-dirt in the Australian market.

McDonald’s Australia has confirmed it will be dumping Heinz as a supplier of the condiment after a decision made by the fast-food giant’s United States head office.

In February this year Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway together with Brazil’s 3G Capital took over Heinz in a deal valued at $28 billion.

Here’s the problem: 3G controls McDonald’s arch-rival Burger King.

“We are moving to a new supplier,” McDonald’s Australia spokesperson Skye Oxenham told Business Insider. “It’s a global move.”

“We are looking to do that next year.”

Photo: Getty Images

McDonald’s only uses Heinz ketchup in two markets in the United States, though it is the primary supplier for all restaurants in Australia, Oxenham said.

In a statement McDonald’s head office said it would work with Heinz to ensure a smooth transition. Oxeham declined to comment on who would replace the condiment giant as the Australia supplier.

Business Insider is waiting for more information on how much ketchup Heinz supplies to McDonald’s Australia each year.

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