McDonald's Australia Boss Catriona Noble Does Not Want To Cater To Uni Students Who Can Only Work Weekends

Photo: Getty/Imeh Akpanudosen

McDonald’s Australia chief executive Catriona Noble, as well as the boss of Rio Tinto’s Australian operations David Peever, have become the latest executives to criticise the country’s industrial relations laws.

Noble, who chairs the BCA’s workplace committee, said employers should not have to pay higher rates to people on weekends when those are the only days they are willing to work.

“We don’t want every person who works nights and weekends to have penalty rates when they are not available to work Monday to Friday,” she said, according to The Australian Financial Review.

“Some of the initial awards were saying that penalty rates should come in at 6pm and they should cover all Saturday and all Sunday, all weekend work and they range anywhere from a 10 per cent loading to 50 or 100 per cent,” she said in the article.

While it might suit university students, or others who want to work nights to come in from 4pm until 8pm, modern awards mean penalty rates come into effect too early in the evening, she said.

As many as 100 Australian chief executives are seeking a review of the Fair Work Act which they think favours unions too much.

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